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The goal is to produce high-end, beautifully-styled images in color and black and white. From playful and cheeky to fashionable to luxurious and seductive, we will showcase feminine allure without resorting to gratuitous or pornographic imagery. We will accentuate the suggestive over the explicit, understanding that the imagination when provoked stirs an even more effective viewer experience. I specifically want to include models who are older, heavier-set, ethnically diverse, etc. so that every woman can see a representation of herself in it. This is an appreciation of the female form and the versatile fashions that enhance it.

Sometimes there is eye-contact and engagement. Other times, the model seems unaware, like we are voyeurs stealing a glance of the forbidden.

Lingerie as Fashion Statement

  • A lingerie model examining herself in the mirror before a photo shoot while makeup artist touches up her face and hair.
  • Model posing in 1950s glamour aesthetic with big hair, black and white, bold makeup
  • A woman imitating a model posing in a pin-up magazine
  • Lingerie piled up on a bed or on the floor, waiting to be worn
  • Close-up of lingerie against tattoos
  • Underwear worn as outerwear, i.e., boustier with tight jeans, lacy black top under an unbuttoned white shirt, etc.
  • Wearing Ugg boots and bra/panties in the snow
  • A woman in lingerie matter-of-factly surrounded by others who are fully dressed in a café or on the subway.
  • Teasing in lingerie from a hotel window or balcony or while riding in a car as trucker’s go past
  • Japanese influences like Hello Kitty, etc.
  • Do Tomboys wear lingerie?

Lingerie as functional apparel

  • Granny Panties worn on laundry day
  • Cotton panties with funny or sexy saying on them
  • Taking bra off through a shirt sleeve while holding a beer at the end of a long workday
  • Itchy butt gets scratched
  • No swimsuit so just jumped in the pool in her undies
  • Webcam model in her “work uniform” putting on a show
  • Cute panties with a tank top
  • Underwear showing through ripped jeans or daisy dukes
  • A ladies boutique store employee putting bras on store display
  • Sports bra at the gym or jogging
  • Clothes accidentally ripped, desperately trying to cover up while underwear showing
  • A woman still in her bra sitting at a makeup table getting dressed before work (accompanied by text about how hard women have to work to be presentable at their best to get ahead in life or at work or to get a man’s attention).
  • A woman snuggling in bed with her dog on a lazy day binge watching Netflix
  • A sweaty woman in front of a fan with her shirt off trying to get cool on a summer day
  • A girlfriend lounging in her boyfriend’s shirt and boxers.
  • Bodysuit underneath cool leather jacket
  • Some visual play on fishnet stockings and getting caught in a net
  • Women over a stove making breakfast while still wearing her sleepwear
  • Doing yoga or meditation at home in underwear
  • Changing clothes in a car, looking to make sure no one is around to see
  • “Caught in the rain” – bra showing under soaked tank top
  • Lingerie hanging on a clothes line, drying
  • Sheer lingerie as implied nude
  • Women wrestling, either fighting over something while inconveniently not-fully-dressed or intentionally putting on a show

Lingerie as cultural iconography

Recreating classic lingerie scenes in popular entertainment, including:

  • Janet Leigh from “Psycho,” Halle Berry in “Swordfish” and “Catwoman,” Kelly LeBrock from “Weird Science,” Gal Gadot in “Keeping Up With the Joneses,” Mrs. Robinson in “The Graduate,” Kim Basinger from “9 ½ Weeks,” Tim Curry from “Rocky Horror Picture Show,” Alice Eve from “Star Trek: Into Darkness,” Elizabeth Taylor from “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,” Sophia Loren from “Marriage Italian Style,” Natalie Portman from “Closer,” Elizabeth Berkley from “Showgirls,” Jamie Lee Curtis from “True Lies,” Demi Moore from “Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle,” Cher/Michelle Preiffer/Susan Sarandon from “The Witches of Eastwick,” the Fembots in “Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery,” Marilyn Monroe flashing underwear over a subway grate in “The Seven Year Itch,” Margot Robbie in “The Wolf of Wall Street,” Jessica Biel in “Powder Blue,” Sarah Michelle Gellar in “Cruel Intentions,” Nicole Kidman in “Eyes Wide Shut,” Kirsten Dunst in “Marie Antoinette,” Charlize Theron in “2 Days in the Valley,” Jennifer Lopez from “Out of Sight,” Gretchen Mol as “The Notorious Bettie Page,”
  • Vintage lingerie that reflects Victorian standards of the period.
  • “Panty Raid” – satirical play on the stereotypical coeds sitting around the sorority house in their undies, surprised by the mischievous frat boys up to no good, possibly being chased by a homely-looking old house mom
  • Tribute to the Calvin Klein and Guess ads of the 80s and 90s
  • Burlesque dancers and go-go dancers
  • Archtypes: The schoolgirl, the Oktoberfest beer maiden, etc.
  • The Bond Girl and the damsel in distress
  • The striptease – sequential photos in stages of undress
  • Lingerie used in Cosplay
  • The pin-up on the side of the bomber
  • The sexy Santa’s helper
  • The Farmer’s daughter (boots, cowboy hat, flannel, denium, and undies)

Lingerie as tool for seduction

Portraying various scenarios of women dressed to provoke sexual titillation such as:

  • Greeting a husband after a long hard day at work in a garter belt and stockings.
  • Trying on virginal white wedding honeymoon apparel, asking girlfriends to judge whether it will be sufficiently stunning for her “deflowering.”
  • Thong bottoms rising above the back of jeans, teasing what lies beneath.
  • A woman choosing leopard-striped lingerie for the third date when she’s finally going to let her guy “get lucky.”
  • Women in sunglasses showing up at a man’s apartment wearing just a trench coat, heels, bra and panties
  • Panties caught on the spike of long thin heels
  • Girl taking selfies in sexy outfit for her Instagram or to send to a boy/man
  • Two really fit, muscular toned bodies intertwined
  • The trophy wife bored, doing her job for her rich sugar daddy
  • A woman asleep on her tummy, wearing only a thong, as the city can be seen below the penthouse apartment
  • Lingerie lying on the bedroom floor as we see the corner of the bed, a couple holding hands in a firm grip, obviously having an intimate moment
  • A woman tied up and blindfolded, her lover teasing her with a strawberry to taste
  • A woman on a bed, surrounded by red rose petals
  • “The Show” – a woman in lingerie sitting in a movie theater
  • “Push my buttons for a change” – A woman shopping for something daring to put a spark back into her relationship when her boyfriend/husband has lost interest and only cares about sports and video games.
  • Something evocative of that song with the lyrics “don’t hand me no lines and keep your hands to yourself…” and the idea of driving a guy crazy, withholding sex until he makes a commitment
  • Two girlfriends putting on a risqué show for their boyfriends
  • Woman with a naughty grin, literally motioning for a guy to come closer and touch her

Lingerie as fetish

  • The lingerie addict
  • Leather outfit
  • BDSM
  • Dominatrix
  • Boy accompanying his mother shopping in the women’s clothing department, eyeballing the lingerie rack nearby. OR a boyfriend distracted as he walks past the big Victoria’s Secret storefront display at the mall while his girlfriend is annoyed or amused.
  • Exotic dancer on the pole or preparing to give a private lap dance while dollar bills are crammed into her garter.
  • Extremely large busted woman, her bra holding back a flood of flesh like a dam containing water

Text Sections:

  • Each section includes quotes from celebrities or designers OR brief quotes or short essays/interviews with men (or lesbians) talking about the allure of lingerie and women talking about its power to seduce or make them feel empowered/sexy (or what they DON’T like about lingerie, how hard some of it is to put on, how good it feels to take off at the end of the day, why they don’t wear it, etc.)
  • A discussion or illustration of different types of lingerie
  • Some visual and text expression of how lingerie can simultaneously be empowering and render a woman more vulnerable
  • Brief exploration of men’s lingerie, from tighty-whiteys to muscular cut guys in boxers that show off their abs and women giving their opinion on what looks best on a man
  • An academic/forensic bit about different fabrics used in lingerie, including unconventional materials like crocheted bras, etc. And accessories like thigh-high socks, etc.
  • Discussion of the ways lingerie selectively shows off or conceals body parts, accentuating what is liked and hiding scars, stretch marks, etc.
  • Maybe something about heels in showing off the toned legs/buttocks
  • A brief discussion about body positivity and lingerie specifically created for larger bodies and older women.
  • A discussion of lingerie as it relates to personal modesty with a mention of “slut shaming” and some encouragement to take pride in one’s body. Opportunity to bring up historical censorship and oppression. Also, red light districts and the use of sensual images of women in lingerie promoting strip clubs on Bourbon Street, tax cab marquees, etc. Could touch on the topic of women dressing sexy and how this can backfire or be exploited when investigating/prosecuting sexual assaults (“the way she was dressed that night, she was looking for it”)
  • A look at color choice, the subtext of red, white, black…
  • A brief “how to” tutorial on doing a lingerie/boudoir photo shoot
  • Censorship and how nipples are only acceptable/defensible on social media when viewed through sheer lingerie
  • Essay on how lingerie is like unwrapping a present on Christmas morning, all about anticipation of and excitement about what is beneath.
  • Lingerie as a visual “jump start” and discussion of the unbiquity of porn online and how men have become desensitized to the sight of the nude human body, their ability to perform sexually impaired by this. Lingerie as the more pleasant alternative to ever-more degrading imagery to “get a rise” out of viewers.
  • Examination of lingerie in entertainment and how the once-mighty Playboy has floundered, assaulted on one side by “laddie mag” implied semi-respectable stuff like Maxim/Instagram and hardcore pornography freely available on the other.
  • Something about societal values and historical context, how lingerie harkens back to a simplier time when intimacy was a process of steps, before hookups became so casual and lingerie was a tease of coming attractions.
  • “What lies beneath” – tips from a burlesque dancer or model on the art of the tease
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