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I presently write and/or edit and optimize blogs on topics including college football, adjustable beds, oral surgery, pediatric health issues, automation/hydraulics, veterinary care, furniture, interior design, commercial roofing, greek cuisine, Smoky Mountain leisure activities, assisted living and memory care services for seniors, New Hampshire tourist activities, and recycling solutions. Each blog has its own niche readership and a specific voice.

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Interviews & Feature Articles

Whether I am writing an article for a newspaper, a magazine, an online publication, or a spec piece for a client’s media kit, I bring a curiosity to every interview and feature article that I write. Readers want to know as much as possible about the subject matter, but not the surface stuff, the information that’s already available in untold other articles. They want something new, something intriguing. Let me dig deeper and produce articles that will resonate, achieving a greater reach. 

Email Newsletter Copywriting

Economy of words in the Email Newsletter makes it vital to grab reader attention with catchy headlines and pack limited text space with the best information in the most limited space. 

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Advertising Copywriting

Persuasion during the research and buying stages of a product cycle is key to removing psychological barriers to making a purchase. As a writer, it is my job to plant the seed of need or a spark of desire in the mind of the reader, using the fewest possible words to convey how a product or service can positively influence their life. I often combine my copywriting with custom photography to craft a total overview of a company from its website or brochures, creating a powerful first impression of a brand.

Press Releases

My first job out of college was writing for a newspaper, so I know what journalists want and need to see in order to give brands coverage. I also know how editors think and can craft press releases following AP Style guidelines and publishing industry norms so your news item is more likely to appear as submitted. 

Here’s an example:

Dancing Bear Appalachian Bistro 

Social Media

Many companies will simply assign social media posting to the least experienced member of their staff. This can be a catastrophic mistake. Let me help you craft a voice on social media channels that builds your presence and reflects a positive, personable experience people will expect offline. 


  • Write and edit content to support the communications needs for a variety of clients across all lines of business and audiences.
  • I make sure messaging meets defined editorial standards in brand voice. Ensure grammatical accuracy, message clarity, and a consistent style and voice throughout all content. Adopt the brand style, tone, and voice for different campaigns and audiences.
  • Edit content to align with client style preferences and branding guidelines.
  • Experienced using Microsoft Office, Google Docs and Adobe Acrobat.
  • Able to fact check and research viral stories to ensure accuracy.
  • Able to pitch, develop, and produce stories across print and digital platforms and execute creative projects weekly.
  • Possess a thorough working knowledge of the end-to-end publication process.
  • Able to ideate and develop content ideas in many formats/platforms.
  • Experienced collaborating with writers, designers, photographers, etc.
  • Able to manage external relationships with writers, journalists, and analysts.
  • Strong reporting skills and able to generate exclusive content and/or react quickly to breaking news from aggregate sources and develop my own story on said news.
  • Able to work with other writers to improve their skills. Proofread copy and review page layouts with a keen attention to detail.
  • Able to turn content outlines or drafts into finished editorial products quickly and efficiently, while keeping specific client requirements in mind.
  • Experienced in both aggregate journalism and as an interviewer consulting subject-matter experts and executives to create content projects. Able to research and write on unfamiliar topics as needed.
  • Produce written communications that meet professional writing principles and requirements. Email, webpage, blog post, ad copy, download, landing page, catalog, SMS, sales enable tools like case studies… I do it all like a pro and can easily adapt voice and writing style to suit the medium I am writing for and to the audience it is intended for.
  • Able to become a subject-matter expert on assigned lines of business/stakeholder audiences while advocating for simplicity and clarity
  • Able to Write powerful and concise content that meets the stated brand intents and objectives
  • Able to Research clients, competitors, current topics, etc. to ensure on-target messaging
  • Able to Review and provide relevant edits and feedback to fellow communications professionals.
  • Able to measure the impact of our content and continually refine it.
  • Possess a strong understanding of customer touch points in the customer journey that can be leveraged to drive engagement.

Relevant Software & Technologies: Google Docs, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint),

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