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Transforming Concepts into Tangible Goals 

One of my favorite aspects of working in marketing is listening to clients share their ideas for a product or service. As I ask questions, my experience leads to strategies for promoting their new business ideas. I love helping to shape a brand into what it will eventually become. 

Getting the World Out

It usually takes more than hanging a sign outside a storefront to experience success selling a product or service. The volume from competitors is deafening, and brands struggle just to get noticed in a world full of non-stop media messaging. This calls for a gameplan of strategic actions to take advantage of every tool available to spread the message about why B2C or B2B customers need the product and how they can get it. In the course of a marketing campaign, I may employ my copywriting and photography skills to produce assets that can be used for social media, print projects, websites, and more. 

Telling a Story 

Often lost in the chaos of consumerism is the story of a brand and why someone should care enough about it to spend their hard-earned dollars to experience what it offers. A compelling story adds the “why” behind the what and expresses to the buying public why a product or service is better than its competitors. 

Creativity Informed by Data

Marketing just isn’t complete without the ability to track what works and what adjustments are required to employ a different approach. 

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