Crisis communications planning is all about anticipating the things that keep you awake in the middle of the night. Like the lifeboats on a cruise ship, it’s a tool you may hope you never have to use – but one that can salvage your organization in the toughest of situations.

An unexpected public relations crisis can strike even the best-managed businesses, large or small. These can be recalls of dangerous or contaminated products, a civil product liability lawsuit, or some other unforeseen disaster that may hurt sales, the bottom line, and/or reflect badly on a company’s image.

Your best bet in these instances is to defuse problems and resolve them favorably with an honest, vigorous damage control effort that converts the public into allies and paves the foundation for rebuilding the public perception of your brand. A Crisis Communications Plan lies at the core of such a public relations effort. Stiefel Creative can help you weather the storm.

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