A quick update for anyone interested… 

I’ve been struggling with long-COVID, showing up as a vicious cough. Not constant, but erupting in ferocious spells. My physician told me a lot of patients are experiencing the same thing and it appears to take up to six months for them to feel normal again. Two down, four to go? Ugh… At least the brain fog has diminished.

It wouldn’t be a big deal, but my job is very demanding mentally and requires me to stay sharp, focused and on top of things, especially since I am doubling as the newspaper’s Editor (and have been since February). My most experienced reporter just finished out her notice and is only contributing part-time now while taking on responsibility as an ailing family member’s primary caregiver. I’ve hired a replacement who I think will do well once she’s trained and gets on a routine, but I won’t lie: the pressure on me right now is very intense. I’m trying not to be overwhelmed by stress as I manage multiple production deadlines while also juggling the business end of a newspaper and magazine. Recovering from COVID has made everything much more difficult than it normally would be.

In these instances, we can only do our best.

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