I’ve been doing a great deal of blogging lately, covering a wide range of topics and industries. I thought I would take this opportunity share some of my recent commercial writing…

Hospitality Industry Blogging

Client: Acropolis Mediterranean Grill


Now that warmer weather time is upon us, you definitely want to take advantage of our patio space at Acropolis. The Scenic City comes to life as a summer travel destination, offering many opportunities to dine outdoors. Here are 5 reasons why you definitely want to join us for dinner on the patio…

Client: Amigos Mexican Restaurants

How to Eat Healthy at Chattanooga Mexican Restaurants

It’s May, so that diet you vowed to follow in January may be long forgotten by now. If not, good for you! For others, keeping things like sugar in moderation is a must if eating out with diabetes or similar conditions. For those of you wanting to eat out lighter fare so you can look good on the beach this summer or feel healthier, we offer this guide to how to eat healthy at Chattanooga Mexican Restaurants.

Some Like It Hot… And Spicy!

If your attitude about Mexican food is “the hotter the better!”, this article is for you! We’re going to suggest some of the boldest dishes you can find at Chattanooga Mexican Restaurants. Technically, “spicy” is not a taste. Yes, you heard me right! Spiciness is actually a form of pain, and spicy foods contain chemicals that stimulate the pain receptors in your mouth. Some of those nerves also monitor temperature, which is why spicy foods give off a burning (hot) sensation when we eat them. The same type of reaction causes us to cry when cutting onions. If you’re like us, you know it hurts so good!…

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