seasonal affective disorder

Was the rain EVER going to end?!

I woke up yesterday to a brilliant ball of fire in the sky…


As we approach my birthday month, February 2019 is now the wettest February on record for North Alabama, with 12.60″ of rain (as of Saturday, February 24th). February 23rd broke the record for the most rainfall recorded on that date.

It’s all been a bit much. Day after day of gray skies and torrential rain can do a number on the human psyche. Symptoms of winter Seasonal Affective Disorder often include oversleeping or difficulty waking up in the morning, nausea, and a tendency to over eat, often with a craving for carbohydrates, which leads to weight gain (yeah, we’ll blame it on that).

So when I woke up on Sunday the 24th and noticed thin slivers of orange light intruding upon my bedroom, I rushed outside and sat on my porch simply allowing the rays of sunlight to absorb into my skin. It felt wonderful…

The next thing I did was to grab my DSLR and iPhone and drive up to Little River Canyon National Preserve to get some shots of the rainwater making its way from the mountaintops, roaring with an awesome power. I recorded some video of this extraordinary sight.

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