There are so many reverberations of the AIDS epidemic during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Sure, the coronavirus is more easily contagious and spread through the air, unlike the sexually-transmitted HIV, but both empower opportunistic infections and other things ring so familiar between then and now…

Dark Days of Fear and Death

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Ladies Man? Hardly.

There was a time when getting infected with Human immunodeficiency virus infection and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (HIV/AIDS) was essentially a death sentence.

And not just death, but an unspeakably horrible demise, provoking intense fear and prejudice.

The AIDS epidemic emerged in the American landscape when I was a freshman off at college at Auburn University during a time when most young men revel in the pursuit of women.

What should have been a sexual heyday was instead an era of tremendous fear and social isolation for most Americans. My prospects for wild escapades went from few to none.

Much fear surrounded it because there was no cure and a limited amount of information to base prevention upon.

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