The editorial team had a meeting the other day in which we discussed scouting new faces for magazine photoshoots. The comment was made that we should find more models who aren’t the stereotypical 18-25. It’s true that there is a power in finding representation in media, whether it is seeing a diversity of races or a variety of ages.

It makes sense. Who controls the money and makes family purchasing decisions? In my experience, it is the mother managing the budget, shopping for groceries, buying the kids back to school clothes and supplies, carrying the checkbook, etc. And she isn’t necessarily 25. I share this desire to photograph more mature men and women.

Of course, I am looking for interesting people to photograph of all ages, etc. From editorial to advertising to stock photography, it’s all about showing a blended variety of humanity.

In my 30 years as a professional photographer, I’ve photographed probably thousands of people. My interest in finding great faces to collaborate with is driven by…

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