How to create an OnlyFans page

I’m seeing more demand for help setting up OnlyFans web profiles (viewer’s discretion). More likely than not, this is a reflection of the current economic climate as our country struggles to emerge out of the COVID-19 pandemic. Rather than getting a job at a fast-food restaurant and bust their tail to make minimum wage, some sell access to pay-per-view photos or videos of themselves shaking that tail as a way to supplement income elsewhere or to become full-time models or brand influencers.

how to set up an OnlyFansYou may think, “Great, I get to make money having fun…” but STOP… Creating an OnlyFans page is not a decision that should be taken lightly!

What goes on the internet can often stay there permanently. It’s important for models to think carefully about what they share online and to consider the long-term ramifications of these actions.

There can be far out implications affecting their reputation or ability to get other work in the future.

What is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a content subscription service based out of the UK that allows content creators to earn money from fans who subscribe to their content. Basically, it is the new business model for sharing photos and clips online.

It has a reputation for hosting risqué content because that’s what sells best and the platform offers adult-oriented amateur and professional models some appealing ways to make money while enjoying relative safety compared to doing in-person sex work like stripping in a seedy gentlemen’s club.

However, OnlyFans is NOT only for provocative content.

In fact, content creators using the site include physical fitness experts, musicians and others who post regularly online. Essentially anyone who is sharing photos and videos on Instagram but wants to be set up to make money from it rather than just giving it away for free.

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